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Talc powder is a magnesium silicate mineral with its unique dry smoothness, low hardness, and high melting point. It has good insulation to both electricity and heat, low expansion and contraction forces, high dispersibility, strong covering power, and good oil absorption and hydrophobicity. High smoothness, low friction coefficient, and stable chemical properties. Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It is widely used in industrial sectors such as paper making, chemical engineering, paint, ceramics, cables, rubber, etc.

Talcum powder should be used to improve the processing properties of rubber and plastic resins, such as molding, rolling, extrusion, and injection. It can also replace expensive rubber materials by 10-15% to reduce raw material costs and provide its physical properties in paint and coatings. It is sun resistant, high-temperature resistant, and does not change color under ultraviolet light. It can maintain its original luster and color for a long time, and has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. It also has good water resistance and pollution resistance; Strong aging resistance and wear resistance; Steam resistance and strong flame retardancy



Talcum powder has a wide range of uses, with the largest usage being in the paper industry, followed by the waterproof material industry.


Paper Industry:

Talc powder has three main uses in the papermaking industry, namely as a filler coating and a resin control agent for pulp. Talcum can make paper strong and white, increase opacity and brightness, and enhance its ability to adsorb ink. Talc has a strong adhesion to pigments, making Color printing pieces become good color effect. The concave wear value of talc is very low, so it has little wear on paper making and printing equipment. Furthermore, the density is smaller than titanium dioxide (TiO2), so it is superior as a filler compared to titanium dioxide. The price of talc is much lower than that of titanium dioxide, making it more competitive. Talcum powder has been successfully used in the deinking process of waste paper, which can effectively deink waste paper in flotation and strip washing.

Waterproof material:

Talcum can be used as roofing products such as oil wool; Roofing paper; Asphalt shingles; Fillers for roof panels and other materials can also be used as anti sticking powder for roof materials. When used as a filler, talc acts as a stabilizer in the molten asphalt component, increasing the stability and weathering resistance of the roofing material. When talcum powder is sprayed on the surface of asphalt tiles or rolled roofing materials, it can prevent adhesion during production and storage. The waterproof material industry can use low-grade colored and impure coarse ground talc powder.


Other industries:

Talcum in the rubber industry  plastics industry  Cable industry  Ceramic industry  Both coating industry and Textile manufacturing have important uses.

Applicable products:

Talc PL-832Z

Talc PL-932S

Talc PL-200Y

Talc PL-200W

Talc PL-400Y

Talc PL-400W

Talc PL-600Y

Talc PL-600W

Talc PL-800W

Talc PL-9042

Talc PL-9272

Talc PL-9271S

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